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Issue Severity


0- Highest Priority / Blocking Failure

  • Stopping business and/or development operations and schedules

  • Complete loss of functionality without workaround

1- Critical Failure

  • Critical loss of functionality

  • No workaround identified

2- Major Failure

  • Significantly affecting business and/or seriously impeding development operations and schedules — work proceeds but is restricted

  • Major loss of functionality

3- Minor Failure

  • Somewhat affecting business and/or development operations and schedules — work continues mostly unaffected

  • Minor loss of functionality

4- Cosmetic

  • Minimally affecting business and development operations and schedules

  • No loss of functionality

Please be judicious when using Severity 0. It should be reserved for your absolute highest priority issues. This severity level should be limited to 0-2 issues (3 at the most). The Severity level should help us understand the relative priority of your open issues (cf.

If you specify Severity 0 or 1, please include a brief explanation. This helps ensure that appropriate attention is applied to your business critical issue. Also note that severity will not necessarily map to a specific priority.