HOOPS + ODA libraries : Linux Compilers requirements

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Due to a platform requirement change that happened in the third-party dependency, HOOPS is relying on for the ODA - Revit and AutoCAD/DWG Readers, the HOOPS 2022 SP1 minimum requirements on Linux have been changed.

 You won’t be affected by this change if:

  • you are not using these two readers ( use HOOPS_Exchange_Publish_2022_SP1_Lin_NODWG.tar.gz package )

  • you are not developing any application running on Linux,

  • you are using these readers in a Linux application that already meets these new minimum requirements.

 You will be affected by this change if:

  • you are using one of these two readers in an application running on Linux that doesn’t follow the new minimum requirements.


For more information, check out our forum post.